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Clear Advantage by Arbonne is getting my highest recommendations to fight acne. I was introduced to it few years ago. Even tho I didn’t have much acne, I used it and could definitely see a big differents. My skin felt so much better, and radiant. After starting using it, even people notice the difference with my skin. A dear friend of mine, Natalie Kresge as well started using this amazing product, and I had her send me her testimony. Picture shows her before and after with Clear Advantage from Arbonne. I saw Natalie almost everyday, and I was just blown away by seeing the results day by day. Her skin looks amazing and radiant. Clear Advantage really made a big chance. Thank you Natalie Kresge for sharing your Arbonne Story.


My Arbonne story by Natalie Kresge 

So I really didn’t have acne in my teens, but then once I got in my 20’s it got worse. I had heard about Arbonne Clear Advantage but didn’t really know if it worked. I decided to take a chance and buy the set, of cleanser, toner, lotion and spot treatment. It was the best facial product I have ever purchased! Within one use I saw results! These pictures are taken about 3 months apart. I’m so glad I started using Arbonne because it has made a huge difference in my skin! I still use the clear advantage set and also Arbonne make up! I saw even better results once I started using their makeup as well!

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Arbonne Clear Advantage clinical study reveals the following initial visible results*
After just 3 days:
96% of participants reported that Arbonne Clear Advantage helped to soothe and calm their skin.
88% reported a decrease in redness, swelling and inflammation.
88% reported that Arbonne Clear Advantage did not leave their skin visibly dry or flaky.
88% saw an improvement in the overall appearance of their skin.
*Based on an 8-week Clinical Consumer Study

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