What’s Your Taste?

With all the fashion trends, fashionistas, clothing lines, and boutiques out there can make it hard for one to find their own personal style. This was a case that I faced earlier in life.

I wanted to have all the “named brand” items and compete with other girls on having the best “fashion”. The more I tried making these clothes my identity, and the more I started to worry about what other people thought of my looks and getting expensive “name brands” to gain “fashion points” the more unsatisfied and unhappy I became. Fashion became a burden instead of passion that once fueled me for the day as I stepped into my closet.


Now, that is not the case. I realized that if I tried to be like everyone else in this fashion scene then fashion will be boring and out dated. Yes a lot of people still compete with each other and focus on the “name brand” items but it doesn’t have to be that way for you! What do you really love? What era of style jumps out at you? What’s your taste? Are you more on the girly side or a little girly and edgy? Fashion is about showing your creativity by adding your own personal style. It may seem hard to find at first but once you figure out what you love allow that to build your personal style. I LOVE vintage. I LOVE adding certain edgy pieces to a vintage look. My all time fave is adding modern day to a vintage look, like you see in the picture above. Adding my own personal style makes shopping and piecing clothing that I already have so much fun to where I completely forget about purchasing and focusing on “name brand” clothing. ALOT of the times, those name brand clothing will not have what you love to build your personal style. So, what’s your taste?

Vintage Blouse: arms made out of sheer fabric, body made out of sweater material with silver linings designed in stitching. Cost: $0.99 From: Quality Thrift Store (Tulsa,OK)

Black Skinny Jeans: $10 From: Old Navy (Tulsa, OK)

Pointed Pumps: $18 ; Bubble Necklace:
$4 From Payless (Tulsa, OK)

Photo taken by: Samuel Agbasi

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