Vintage Denim

Venture back in time with classic styles and pair it with today’s fab trends. Denim on denim seems to be catching fire, which is one of my faves to wear! I see a lot of people wear it casual but I can’t help but dress it up and add some vintage to it. The blazer I am wearing is made out of denim and styled like the blazers from the 70’s. I just love the length and fit of this blazer. It’s not too short or too long but perfect in length-great for my pear shaped ladies and/or bottom heavy girls. I also paired it with my off-white vintage blouse, threw on a pair of jeans, added some booties with heels and a matching belt to enhance this outfit. Loved this modern vintage look as my Sunday’s best!


70’s Denim Blazer: $2 from Quality Thrift Store
Vintage Blouse with ruffles: gift from mother
High waisted jeans with ankle zippers:$12 from DEB
Brown Belt by xoxo: $2 from Ross
Brown Ankle Booties: $7 from Payless

Love life and embrace who you are!

Love always,


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