Tropics in the Office

I hear a lot of women say…”I wish I can wear brighter colors at work, but I can’t” or “I wish I can wear bold and colorful pattern but I can’t wear that to the office.” Why the heck not? I’ve been working in administrative positions for 5 years and have not read in the clothing handbook about not wearing bright colors and patterns. There are business casual and professional outfit rules and they do not exempt brights and patterns (that I know of) so let’s dress professionally in bright colors and patterns y’all!

I decided to dress simple and be a bit tropical today. I’m really missing my family in Hawaii and also feel the need to represent the summer season in floral print and bright colors.

Sometimes we get into a routine of staying in only black, white or greys because it’s the right attire for work. Well, not only is that boring but what excitement do you feel when wearing that? Don’t get me wrong, most times I feel great when I wear all black to work but wearing it everyday makes my day very dull and boring. They say the color you wear is how you feel. Which is why I must add pops of color to my office wardrobe so I can have a popping and vibrant day. Cheesy I know but there’s something about wearing bright colors and/or patterns that gives an extra kick in my step. Even if I am wearing all black, I’ll add bright heels and and jewelry to give the outfit some brightness and fun.


Here are some fashion tips for picking out your fun and festive outfit for work:

1. Still Think Professional: we are not going to the beach to show off our bodies (yet…lol) we are going to a professional setting. Make sure to pick out clothes that are doable like blouses, button-ups, skirts, blazers, dressy tops, etc.

2. Mix and Match: let’s say you have a black and white checkered skirt that goes only to a blazer/shirt that is the same design. You just so happen to have a bright pink button up sitting in your closet that you only wear on your days off! Be bold and tuck in that pink button up into that checkered skirt then throw on some cute black flats or heels and your on your way to bringing life into the office!–You get what I’m saying?


Crochet-laced top: gifted from a friend (Target)
High waisted pleated floral midi skirt (with pockets): $2 from Community Thrift Store
Pointed gold flats: $4 from Quality Thrift Store
Red-orange and gold dangly earrings: gift from a friend (Target)

Love always,


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