To wash silk or to not wash silk?!

To wash silk or to not wash silk? Have you ever bought an item, and you are about to throw it in the washer, and to make sure you do the right think you look at the tag inside the item, and it says “DRY CLEANER”?! Well, I’m for sure one of them! I was wearing my blue silk shirt one day, and my beautiful niece happen to throw up on my new silk shirt. I thought to my self: oh well, I can just wash it with water… NOT a good idea. I got water stain all over the shirt. I brought it to the dry cleaner- they could not save it! So what did I do? Growing up at a place with no access to dry cleaner, and with some good advice from dear mother, and google this is what saved my shirt and made it all new:

1. Hand wash it with cold cold water with woodlight for silk and wool,
2. Lay the item on a dry towel, and roll the item to absorb the water.
3. Hang it/ lay it down on a towel to dry.

I washed my blue silk blouse, and it turned out as good as new.

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