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Finding your perfect pair of jeans can at times be difficult. There are so many options out there, and so many styles. Have you ever bought a pair of jeans to fit your bottom, but end up with a big gap on your waist? Or it’s to tight on your waist, but to big on your hips and thighs? To tackle this challenge, the best thing to do is to know your shape, and what style you should be looking for. Here are some tips, on what jeans fit best for your shape.

#1 Hourglass and Pear-shape: Hourglass and Pear-shape meet the same challenges when it comes to finding jeans that fit their bottom and hip area. So, for curvy girls choose a higher rise jeans. A higher rise jeans sits comfortable right below your belly button and cover your bottom and hip area. Choose a style with 1% Lycra mix in the fabric content. This is important for comfort and keeping shape. Lycra and Elastane (or Cotton), or Polyester and Lycra is a good choice as well.

For curvy girls, go with a wider waistband. Perfect for sitting on the hips and the smallest part of your waist. When choosing a leg shape, go for something that will balance your curves. Like bootcut, wide leg or kick flare. Now, if you want to go with something more skinny, I would suggest straight leg fit rather than skinny style. If you do want to go for the skinny style, you want to choose your tops in a way that will balance your curvy figure.

#2 Straight Shape: For someone with a straight bodyshape, you basically can get away with any style. For someone with a straight figure, you want to create an illusion of more curves. Using a belt is a good trick  for that. But for jeans that flatter best, I would recommend to stick with a pair of jeans that has as slimmer, tighter fit and a waistband that runs straight across the middle.

#3 Apple Shape: For an apple shape, your challenge area is your belly and bottom. You might find jeans that are too tight on your waist, but too big on the hips and thighs. I suggest for an apple shape to not buy jeans in smaller sizes. Stomach area should look comfortable and not look like you are bursting out. All shades and color work well, lighter denim are ideal since that will draw attention to your lower half, and help with a balanced look. Jeans with fading or details below the knee will do the same trick. Boot cut jeans are a good choice of style for your shape. Note that you don’t have to avoid fashionable skinny jeans. In fact, this denim style is very flattering to your figure, and will show off your skinny legs (with skinny legs, go for a dark wash to minimize your middle).

Choose a mid-rise jeans to avoid the “muffin top”, and avoid high-rise (accentuate your belly, instead of concealing it). For your back pockets, my suggestion is to go with details. Rear pocket details or pocket flaps. This will help draw the eye to your bum and works well for visually crating that curvier rear. Choosing the right pair of jeans can help minimize your middle, and show off your slim hips and legs.

Be aware that there is a handful of denim brands and retailers that specifically have styles for women with different shapes. So, before shopping, do your homework.

I hope you find these tips helpful through the “jungle” of jeans. If you have any questions, please feel free to email I will be happy to help you with any styling tips and needs.



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