The Budget Test

How many of us create a budget for shopping and get so excited about it? Then some how we end up breaking it? MEEEE!!

If I am going shopping I make sure I have a list with a budget. I leave extra cards and/or cash at home or in my car to make sure I don’t go over the limit. If you are afraid to leave cash or cards at home or in your car, I know several people who do the envelope system. Basically, you have an envelope with an amount inside pertained to the specific purchase. For example, one envelope can be for gas only, and one for clothing only, etc. But you MUST use what’s in the envelope for that specific thing and you MUST NOT go over what’s in the envelope OR use cash from the other envelopes. This will teach you to use what you have and not get sticky hands where you become attached to certain things in the store that is over your budget.

It wasn’t easy to follow this budget system to begin with and I failed many times but that still didn’t give me the right to go over what I had. This set me up for failure in my finances for sure. Whether it be money for gas, food, or hang out with friends I was lacking cash cause of my over spending. Which is why I must have a budget system. I’ve come a LOOOOONG way and have made better financial choices but I still have to stick to the budget plan. I’m not saying that I’m perfect at this cause I AM STILL LEARNING. It takes time but once you keep it going you’ll become a pro at shopping for what you budgeted for and save money.



My darling cousin is graduating from 6th grade this Friday and you know what that means….SHOPPING! Today’s budget? $40! She asked for a light spring dress and sandals with a slight heel. By the way, this will be her first heel so she’s excited and I’m excited!

So I went ahead and purchased these two outfits-don’t worry I am only keeping one, I took one back already if you must know. As you can see, they are both so beautiful and springy-great for a youngster’s graduation! I purchased outfit 1 from Gordmans with the total cost:$43.59. I purchased outfit 2 for only $34.39 which also includes a perfect pair of sandals for myself! I was able to purchase a dress and heels for my cousin and a pair of sandals for myself -just as a treat-ALL from 1/2 of 1/2 on 71st and Memorial and saved $5, no overspending! The dress and heels from 1/2 of 1/2 still had the price tags-which means BRAND NEW soooo I was definitely winning today! Can you guess which outfit I took back? Also, below are the sandals I purchased for myself from 1/2 of 1/2! Its been a marvelous day!


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