Summer has been good to me  and I hope you are enjoying every moment of it as well!   I love what I get to experiment with in my closet when this season comes around.  Right now, my summer fave would have to be mixing and matching graphic tees with fancy skirts and slacks!  Summer can get too hot to wear a blazer to church but still…I’d like to look classy, covered up, and fun when the temperature is scorching high on a beautiful Sunday.

A must-have summer item in my closet would have to be a light and simple graphic tee.  So that I can just throw on on a casual day and still look super cute or dress it up and not feel so hot, sweaty and heavy in.  I know that when I wear a dressy blouse or blazer on a humid-sunny day, I tend to sweat a lot more.


Sometimes you just got to take a simple graphic tee and dress it up to stay cool.  Below is my fave “SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER”  graphic tee (which is super light and comfy) paired with high-waist printed slacks, black and white vintage flats, a bling of a bubble necklace, and a classic fedora. Such a fun and classy fit for Summer!  Also, I am excited to announce a blog coming soon called, “BLACK&WHITE&PRINTS” featuring this outfit and some amazing girls with several styles of black, white, and prints for summer which were all photographed by the beautiful Ashley Maggard (girl on the left).126


Here is an outfit that I had fun piecing together.  Great for kicking it with the kiddos as we go for ice cream and then taking it to an evening birthday party…which I did…I mean, why not?  Loved the color combination of the bright turquoise which makes, again, my “SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER” graphic tee stand out, paired it with the cute laced oxfords, and my bubble necklace just cause! 😉  This is my kind of casual…fun, flirty, and girly!  Get your girly on in your graphic tee too!



Here’s where I get all my fun and summery graphic tees.  I think they are out of the one I purchased on here but check out all their other cool tees on sale and original priced!



SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER Tee- Old Navy $4 (both pictures)

High Waist Printed Slacks- Old Navy $16

Black and White Vintage Flats- Thrift Shop $2

Fedora-Gift from Target $15

High Waist Skirt with Pockets- Community Thrift Store $1

Tan Laced Oxfords- Citi Trends $5

Bubble Necklace- Payless $4 (both pictures)

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