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One day I was bored and decided to cut my maxi dress at knee level (it’s ok cause I spilled bleach on it a while ago). Then, I experimented with a few tops in my closet and found this flowy charcoal high to low top to go with it. Funny thing, I hated how it looked together.

So I just took some fabric from the shirt in the middle, made a knot, stuck it underneath the shirt to make this outfit look like a whole dress.

I wore this to work today and several of the office ladies wanted to know where I got my “NEW” dress from. A few believed that I fixed it up but some still wants to know where I bought the dress. Haha.


High to Low Top:$7 from Cotton On
Maxi Dress:$3 from Walmart
Metallic Sandals:$4 from Ross

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