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What inspires you to wear what you’re wearing? Have you ever thought about that before you pick your outfit for the day? Or when you shop your entire wardrobe?

One of my favorite style inspiration, especially for this lovely spring season, is the 1950’s. This year was such a great year in the fashion scene because several different fashion trends came out through out the decade. Like the poodle skirt, capris, leather leggings, YES….they had that in style back then before we did!

What would have to be my ultimate fave styles back then is the a-line skirt, which now we call the midi skirt. Whether you’re dressing it up or dressing it casual or just throwing it on over your bathing suit, (yes, your bathing suit…don’t diss it til you try it!) it gives such a great shape for all body types and screams classy lady.

There are many other things that inspires me to style my wardrobe the way I do that gives me several new looks in my closet. It takes time but it’s worth it. Be creative and experiment! What do you love? What are your favorite colors? Mix and match it up! Don’t be so technical about it. Some people love the fashion trends out right now to help with their wardrobe and/or they just love the look. If you’re not so trendy, it’s ok! Be you! You are the best trend setter for yourself! It’s about being confident and bold in those looks. There are days when I like to be trendy and then there are days where I LOVE to create my own look which are most of my days! Haha. Whatever it is, your wardrobe should speak who you are and what you love. So with that being said, what inspires you to wear what you’re wearing?



Quarter sleeve Cardigan: $8 from Old Navy
Laced Tank Top:$5 from Papaya
A-line Pleated Skirt: $0.99 from Quality Thrift Store
Gold Pointed Flats: $4 from Quality Thrift Store

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