Start ‘Em Young

I know a majority of you mothers, cousins, aunts, sisters, family friend or just a random person-spoil the mess out of the kiddos. I am all about spoiling my little cousins. Since taking care of my little minions, I have had the opportunity to teach them the value of a dollar and how to dress properly for a certain day/occasion and that looking great doesn’t need to be EXPENSIVE!! Can I get an Amen somebody?!

My babies mean the world to me. Being frugal does not mean I don’t care about them, it does not mean I want them to grow up to be a cheapo depo person, it does not mean I think of them any less. I am simply preparing them for society.

Not By Society’s Style

Society says what is trending and how much to spend on it. Society tells our children the higher the cost the better leverage or popularity. This will cause the child to rely on the world’s status when they don’t need to be! Society shouldn’t tell us how to dress, especially how much to spend on it.

Children are so fascinated with the hottest thing out that it makes some of them envious towards other children who have those fascinating things when they don’t. That’s not how it should be but that’s what this world is teaching, showing our children and us too. We must encourage our children, related or not, to celebrate others no matter the trend, whether it’s in style or out of style and for them to celebrate the skin they are in-especially in what they wear! When I shop with my girls I make it a must to be honest in what they are wearing cause some of these trends or what’s in style is not so flattering to most girls (and boys). So be honest, make several compliments, stay on budget and have lots of fun!


Full Price

My girls and myself are window shopping experts. When we go window shopping they are aware of sales and full priced items. They love the full priced items but choose the sales not only because it’s cheaper but because it’s a similar style/look they are going for.

There’s nothing wrong with shopping for full priced items. If you have the money or enjoy those things then do it! I mean, I’d love a mean pair of Gucci shades sometime in my life time but I don’t have a cell in my body that desires to purchase it at $100+. I do have a splurge moment for the perfect pair of shoes at least twice a year but that’s not my focus. It’s my choice to shop frugal, not to be cheap but to be able to save more money. Whatever decision you make with your little one(s) whether it’s thrifting, bargain shopping, shopping on rodeo drive or similar to it, do it smart and do it with love.

In Conclusion…

Having the most expensive and popular item is not what’s important-which to me makes for a stressful shopping time not only for you but for your kid. Let them pick out what they love! If it doesn’t make sense then teach them the importance of putting an outfit together properly with expressing who they are as well! It is possible to teach ’em while they are young so that they can embrace other peoples’ creative styles and love to shop and wear what they are in!


Left Picture:
Pastel-Striped button up: $2 from Goodwill
Cropped Jeans: Gift
Turquoise Polka Dotted Belt: $1 from Value Thrift Store
Sparkly Pink Flats:$8 from Citi Trends

Right Picture:
Floral Peplum Top: $5 fromCiti Trends
White Tights: $3 from Walmart
Pink Gladiators: $7 from Citi Trends

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