Dress to impress. That’s Janne’s philosophy. From her early days in Scandinavia, she’s always had a passion for fashion. “I remember always having mom’s clothes on… Whether it was her shoes, jewelry or her hats, I was always looking for something new and fun to wear,” Janne recalls. “The funnest thing I remember was going up in the loft, that’s what we call the attic in Norway, and discovering all these old amazing clothes from the 70’s. My friends and I would have fashion shows for our class at school… Being silly and fun, that’s what it was about.”

It’s been a long journey since those early days in Norway for Janne. After graduating from one of the top fifty universities in Europe with a degree in marketing and branding, she worked for one of Scandinavia’s prominent newspapers as an account representative.  Only after a few very successful years with the publication did she decide to step out and pursue her dream to live in the United States.

“I had a dream when I was seven or eight years old that I would be traveling the world… wearing a cowboy hat,” Janne said, “so I guess that’s why I’m in Oklahoma… It’s all because of that cowboy hat.” Even though she doesn’t recommend cowboy hats for everyday fashion wear, she smiles thinking about how fashion somehow guided her decision. When she moved to Tulsa in 2009, she got involved in everything fashion, from traditional retail to hosting non-profit beauty days for girls with low self-esteem. “I just can’t get away from it,” Janne said, “helping people look and feel their best is my calling.”

According to people who know her, it’s more than just a calling; it’s her gift. “She loves to give people confidence … and she does it in a non-traditional way – though their closets!” “I believe fashion and style is about more than just clothes and accessories, it’s about feeling confident and positive about life…” Janne said, “Over the years, I have learned that what’s really important about clothes and style is the person underneath it all.”


Charity Velazquez

Fashion Blogger

Have an extreme passion for personal style. Style is an expression of your fashion-of who you are! Charity is a firm believer in wearing confidence. Would love for other girls and women to see in themselves is beauty. True beauty starts from the inside and works its way out. When you become comfortable in our own beauty then we are wearing confidence. Check out and follow Charity’s Instagram account called @dreamaffordably. On this account you will see several outfits that are extremely affordable and fashionable to help you shop for clothes at low prices and still look and feel amazing in them! Charity’s goal is to live a lifestyle that encourages and motivates people to see themselves as valuable, beautiful, handsome, and that he or she is good enough to overcome and accomplish any obstacle, good or bad, in life by using fashion. Yes, fashion.


Danielle Frontiera,

Dietitian, Chef and Creator of Chewlala

Danielle Studied Culinary Nutrition at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, CO and became a Registered Dietitian after Completing a dietetic study at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI. Danielle is passionate about seeing others understand and grow to love being healthy and using their creativity to cook delicious meals.

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