Salsa Dress Under $30!

Well, as some of you may know I am in LOVE with Salsa.  I am apart of a great salsa community in the Tulsa area called, “Tulsalseros”.  About two and a half weeks ago, my salsa instructor asked me if I wanted to pick out our performance dresses.  I got so excited and almost peed my pants!  I said yes!  After all the excitement, I was then filled with nervousness (is that even a word?)!  How was I going to find an affordable-danceable-sexy yet modest dress in two weeks-not only for myself but for two other girls as well?  I began to look. I wanted to go for a chic-classic look and with a twist of Latin flavor.  So this is what I had in mind:

The only thing about this dress is that it’s $169 from Belk by Ralph Lauren!  Super cute and has the class and sexy that we want but over the budget that we all agreed upon which is staying between $15-$30 (I know, kind of a crazy budget for Salsa dresses).  Let me tell you, it’s not easy to stay within the budget but sometimes when your wallet is a little tight you’ve got to do some bargain digging and be really creative.  Especially when normal salsa costumes/dresses range from $80-$200! So I did some digging and found a similar dress for only $18.  Obviously, the dress is kind of plain and looks like something you’d wear to a fancy dinner without dancing (lol).  So I got to thinking…flowers, gold, and red lipstick!  This should bring the “latin flavor” to spice up the dress.

I couldn’t find a gold belt I had visioned in my head so I had to get creative!  I went to the home decor section at Joann’s and got some fabric, flower center pieces, glue and scissors and snipped away!  The flowers were way too big and stuck out so much so I glued some petals together to flatten it out and made room in the middle of the flower for a “stamen” made out of the left over gold fabric I used for our belts.  Turned out really great!  Total cost for our dresses including material to make belt: $24-$25.  Woohoo!

I am so thankful we had the honor and opportunity to perform at a few Peruvian Restaurants to celebrate their Independence Day with lots of salsa dancing and amazing Latin Music!  We also had great responses not only for our dancing but our salsa dresses too!  People told me that they looked expensively beautiful and asked where we ordered them from.  I just laughed and said, “Well, bargain shopping and creativity is how we got these dresses.”  Seriously.

Here is the link for actual materials I bought to make belt:

 Flower and Fabric


Laced dresses: $18 each from Ross

Gold belt with flower: $6

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