Plus Size & Stripes? Seriously?!

I don’t know about you but one of the things I used to hear and partially deal with was “big girls and stripes? H*** naw!” Or “I’m too big of a girl. You will never catch me in stripes!” Don’t be ashamed if you were or are that girl. I’m pretty sure us beautiful plus size ladies not only feel that way but other girls as well. We ALL dealt with the fear of STRIPES! Thank goodness I am free from that bondage! Haha!

I loved the whole stripe v-necks, striped sweaters, and when striped jeans were cool (I think it’s a trend again lol) BUT I never wore it because of other girl’s remarks. They would say it’s not good for the bigger crowd cause it’ll make them or myself look larger than what I am and in MOST cases they are right. I believe ALL girls of ALL shapes and sizes can rock the stripe look whether it’s on a shirt, sweater or jeans. It’s all about choosing the right stripes for your body type.

If you have more in the bust or just more on the upper half of your body then it would be best to wear stripes with thinner lines. Like these for example:


Same goes for the lovely ladies with more tush or those with more from the waist down. IF you do love wide stripes with vibrant colors then go for it BUT we should try to stay away from skin tight stripped tops and pants. This will make it look Iike we’ve gained a little more weight in certain areas of our bodies when we didn’t. It’s not your fault, it’s just how stripes are. The more you stretch it out the more wider the stripes gets. Skin tight maybe the “sexy” trend to go by but it doesn’t flatter our body the way it should. All your skin tight stripes are saying is, “LOOK AT ME I GOT ON TIGHTY STRIPES!”

Wide stripes are not bad for us at all but rumors says that it’s the enemy for the plus size girl. I say that rumor needs to end because I love my wide striped long sleeve that I’m wearing in the picture below. It’s not skin tight or form fitting but just right. Ladies, we can still be modest and wear super cute striped clothes to flatter our figure without looking too scandalous. We just have to choose the right fit, style and confidently where what we love.

With Love,



Vintage Striped Long Sleeve:$3 from Goodwill
Black Skinny Jeans:$10 from Old Navy
Vintage Oxfords (genuine leather):$2 from Quality Thrift Store
Brown Purse with Gold Accents:$7 from Goodwill
Fedora Hat: Gift from Target $16

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