Pastels For Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends! I just want to share my outfit of the day with you all.

Pastels are spectacular for the spring season. Dare to mix and match your pastels! I love mixing bright violets and bright magentas together to fit with this amazing spring weather and add an extra pop of color! Take a step on the “bright” side and play with the pastels you got in your closet! I didn’t shop for new clothes this spring so I just used what I’ve literally worn in the last two years and put it together. If you’re on a budget you got to do what you got to do by learning to mix and match!



Magenta blazer: $10 from Quality Thrift Store
Bright Violet Button Up: $5 from Old Navy
Polka dotted a-line midi-skirt: $2 from Goodwill
Pointed Pumps: $18 from Payless
Pink Purse: $2 from Goodwill
Belt: gifted from a friend

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