Casual Office Chic

Today is the day where non-stop action sets in.  Work, errands, meetings, kids practice, and more errands.  So when this day comes around I try to dress well for the office but add some street style into it so that when I leave work I don’t necessarily feel like I just came from the office.   I want to feel comfortable, classy, cute, stylish and ready to go.  So here are some key items for a classy, comfy, on the go look which I like to call my: “Casual Office Chic”.

1.  Go Bottom Casual or Top Casual

This may sound confusing so let me explain.  You don’t want to go to your office setting  fully decked out in casual attire.  I tried this one time and it was not so good.  Not only did my boss have a conversation with me but I felt so lazy and not so focused on my work cause I just wanted to rest easy.  I’ll admit, there are some outfits out there that are head to toe casual that can pass for a business look BUT it will not make you feel like a business person.  What you wear and how you wear it  motivates you and/or make you feel a certain way.  Think about it…if you wear athletic attire you are motivated to play a sport or exercise and you feel tough and ready to train, right?  If you do want to be somewhat comfortable but still dress the part then I would go bottom or top casual.  Pick a top or bottom that can pass for the office and pair it with a blazer or high waisted skirt  some fancy jewelry and you’re set!  I chose top casual cause I felt this high waisted skirt would look great for the office and help bring the colors out more in the shirt.

2. Comfortable Shoes Goes Along Way

When your day starts at 7am and ends between 10pm-midnight your feet will be thankful for comfy shoes.  My days aren’t normally over 12 hours long but when those days come I am prepared.  I love my tan pumps I purchased some months back from Payless.  They have a really great line called Comfort Plus by Predictions.  These shoes are what every girl should have in their closet!  It’s great for the young lady’s first time to walk in heels.  This shoe line has different heel size, colors, and styles! They go well with casual attire, business attire, date night wear, and formal wear and guess what…THEY ARE SUPER DUPER COMFORTABLE!  I can leave them on my feet over 12 hours and my feet still feel alive and not bruised or blistered!  I wear them to the office, salsa dancing or just taking a walk through downtown.

**If you are not a fan of heels then flats will help you out a lot.  Great for the office and outside of it.  Just a tip on some flats: make sure they are a little loose around your toe area or get a 1/2 size bigger (if you wear 6 get 61/2) to prevent blisters at the back of your ankle and the top of your foot close to your big toe (I’ve learned from experience…lol).**


And Remember…

The casual office chic is a great look in the office and out of the office (especially with your busy schedule) OR IF YOU DON’T work in an office!  Still look chic and stylish wherever you go but be comfortable doing it as well!  Remember girl, you’re awesome, you’re beautiful, and life is great so live it in your wardrobe and wherever you go! :)


Love always,




Open Shoulder Top: $6 Windsor

High Waist Business Skirt: $1 Quality Thrift Store

Vintage Black Satchel: $5 Quality Thrift Store

Tan/Nude Pumps (Heels): $20 Payless

Tan/Nude Belt: Gift from a friend





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