One Skirt, Five Ways!

Introducing my beautiful patterned midi-skirt purchased last year in February! The color, style, and print is so in for this spring season and fashion world. Again, I didn’t spend double digits on this beautiful thing! It only cost me $2 and a smile from ear to ear! Haha!

What’s so great about these kind of skirts-because of the flowyness, the length, the material-is that you can wear it as a dress too! Not a lot of women know to do this or are not bold enough to try. Well, when you’re on a budget and there isn’t extra dollar bills for a spring dress-you’ll have to get creative and improvise! If you have a skirt similar to this then go ahead and create your very own dress! Add a cardigan with a belt at the waist for the office or wear it as a tube dress with layers of jewelry and wedges for this warmer weather!

Here are some of my skirt to dress ideas:


Maybe you’re like me, working a job 9 to 5 and then you have a girls night or things planned right after. You love what you have on at work but want to switch it up-especially the heels killed your feet! Don’t fret my beauty queen! Bring a pair of flats and fun jewelry and leave them in your car. Come out from work, let your hair down, kick those heels off and put on those fun flats and jewelry! Now you just went from office chic to classic chic! Get it girl!



Patterned Skirt:$2 from Goodwill
Light Coral Cardi:$7 from Old Navy
Jean Vest:$10 from Old Navy
Light Pink Laced Cardigan:$5 from Windsor
Light Teal Top:$7 from Cotton On
Light Pink Quater Sleeve top:$7 from Urban Outfitters
Dark brown belt with studs:$5 from Walmart
Brown Booties with studs:$7 from Payless
Tan pumps:$5 from Value Thrift Store
Gold pointed flats:$4 from Quality Thrift
Genuine Leather brown purse:$5 from Goodwill
Tribal colored necklace:$8 from Target
Tan Belt: gift from a friend

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