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81RyXBQV-gL._UL1500_I have a pair of Harem pants, and love them. I can use it to so many different events. The patterns and colors pops, and give the impression of creativity. Black and white is my “go to”, but with a pair of these pants, it brings colors to my daily life. Add a pair of high heels, an fitted or a crop top, and a blazer, with a colorful necklace that “pop” , and you are dressed up. For daily wear, add some flats, and fitted tank top, and you are ready to go for a relaxed day. I am a mom, so the last option is very much my “go to” this summer. You can get those pants from $11.99. Click here: G2 Chic Women’s Printed Harem Pant with Side Pockets

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