Modest Swimwear Is Hottest

I’m not going to have a debate or make an argument on bikinis, one pieces or anything like that. I just think that a little more fabric to swimwear is hottest even though you ain’t got your other parts hanging out (you know what I mean).

Ladies, we are still beautiful and sexy when we don’t have on string and coconuts covering our “womanly parts”. These babes below are amazing. They’ve created swimwear that doesn’t reveal a lot more than what is trending or what is “sexy” now. If you are like me and feel uncomfortable in the bathing suits out now then take a look at this blog and share with other girls who may feel the same way. I’m not trying to diss or call out people who wear bikinis-I just don’t believe they are for me. I don’t want ALL of me hanging out for the world to see cause my mama would kill me in my sleep. Lol. I know A TON of skinny girls, thicker ladies, athletic girls-all shapes really-who agree with what I’m posting. We want a swimsuit that is more covered up and that we can still feel sexy in, super fashionable and modest, not so much fabric to where it feels like we’re swimming with trash bags that are dragging us underwater. Lol. Well ladies, it’s here below!

I will be purchasing swimwear from one of these lovelies-since two out of these three can custom make swimsuits-I am excited. These ladies know what it means to be modest and sexy on the beach, by the pool or over the sprinklers with super cute styles that range from trendy to vintage and more! This goes for all my plus size chicks too! Can’t leave us hangin! Haha! Hope this helps you pick out the best and the RIGHT bathing suit for this summer! Let the fun begin ladies!!!

Are you VINTAGE ?



Swimsuits above are by Jessica Rey
Instagram: @reyswimwear

Are you TRENDY?




Check out more of Beverly’s Tankinis and One Pieces on Follow her on Instagram @bevswim

Here are some of her custom-made suits requested by her customers:



Are you more of a FULLER-CURVIER gal?


More swimwear on Follow her on Instagram @josephineswim!

Hope this helped you gals out! Have a great summer!

Love always,

Charity xoxo

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