Make A Statement

We’ve come a long way in the fashion world. Throughout the centuries, there was always a trend to follow. What to wear and what not to wear was always on the minds of people going in and out of little boutiques or shopping malls. Especially with ones that had mannequins, they followed that trend. Now we are at a place in this generation where it is ok to express our own personal style. Yes, we still have mannequins showing the new trends and commercials telling us what is in but now people are becoming more creative-what a great place to be in! So, let’s take advantage of it!

You’re probably wondering, “what is my personal style?” Or how do I make a statement in my outfits? Ok, I’ll give you a quick example. Our jobs have us make a statement in our work clothes all the time. The IRONED black button up with no stains, IRONED black slacks with no stains, apron and slicked back hair makes a statement that I work at a well groomed and professional restaurant. Some restaurants probably don’t have their workers iron their uniforms but I hope you see where I am going with this.

What statement do you make in your outfit? If it’s bold prints, graphic tees with your fave band, skirts, dresses, and/or sneakers express it in your own way! Mix and match with other prints. Add a bold color to your outfit to give it a focal point or brighten up the room by going versicolor. Whatever you wear, wear it because you love it, wear it because it expresses who you are, wear it because it’s your freedom, wear it because it’s how you make a statement.

My Statement Outfit

This is how I make a statement…Chose this light cardigan because it’s fun and color is great for this spring weather! I chose my “live free” cotton tank to express my freedom in Christ and to be more on the comfy side. I chose my pleaded dress-which I am wearing as a skirt-because I’m also feeling girly along with my all time fave gladiators to match my cardigan.

Laced Cardigan: $5 from Windsor
LIVE FREE cotton Tank top: $3 from Old Navy
Vintage Pleaded Strapless Dress: $4 Quality Thrift Store
Nude Gladiators: $15 from DSW Shoes

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