How I Wore My Jumpsuit

Real women wear jumpsuits.  I know you’re probably laughing and thinking the opposite and I can understand that.  Jumpsuits can either be flattering or make you feel like you’re going on a major work out, or feel like an alien, or imagine sardines that are packed so tightly that they can’t breathe…that’s how you feel when you wear a jumpsuit.  I had the exact thoughts and fears but I just had to try this out.  I saw a very petite, slender lady wearing a jumpsuit one day and I just loved how she looked in it.  I thought to myself, surely wearing a jumpsuit can not look or feel that bad?  Especially when I haven’t tried one on since Jennifer Lopez’s jean jumper days (think about her “love don’t cost a thing” video lol)?  Who says that it has to be for the thin and tall women?  If this very short and slender lady can rock one…why not a fully figured lady like me?


Friday night Wedding then to a Bachata Fundraiser where I danced ALL night!

Without trying, without thinking about a jumpsuit, I was just “window shopping” at Ross one day and found this spectacular jumpsuit!  I looked at the size and it read MEDIUM.  I tried looking for a size or two larger but couldn’t find one.  I looked at the material and how the suit was made and looked like, felt like  it would fit.  The way this jumper was made was to be loose from bust all the way down but still showing the waistband to make it look like someone is wearing a top tucked into the pants.  I tried it on and it was form fitting everywhere, haha, except the legs.  This is great for my body type since I am a fuller hour-glass shape.  Plus, jumpsuits are just so sexy…as long as you purchase the right style and fit for your body type…then you are good! 😉


Shoes and accessories I wore with my Jumpsuit.


  • Fuller Figure, Hour-glass, Pear-Shaped: look for a suit that is more form fitting (NOT SKIN TIGHT) with wide leg/straight leg to balance your curves.  For a better fit look for a more stretchy suit. My suit was very stretchy and form fitting but loose at the legs which complimented my shape NOT over the top tight but just right in the right places appropriate for a wedding, party, or a girls night out.
  • Straight Figure, Athletic, Tall, Slender Shaped: look for a suit that is more loose with or without a waistband to give your body more of a shape.  If there isn’t a waist band it’s ok!  Add a belt!  If you don’t have a belt or waistband it’s still OK!  Keeping it loose will still flatter your figure by giving it an elegant-classic look.



  • Printed Pattern Jumpsuit-: $14 Ross
  • Gold Bubble Statement Necklace: $10 Payless
  • Gold Bold Bracelet: $8 Target
  • Ankle Strapped Block Heel: $20 Guess
  • Gold Wallet: Gift




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