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Dear friends and followers of Wardrobe Takeover. Some of you have already been invited to my previous “Janne’s Amazing Mascara Party”. This Online party is a “follow up” on the previous event. Feel free to stay to keep updated on these amazing Products. Everyone are invited.

I was introduced to the 3D Fiber Mascara just a couple of weeks ago, and I was totally blown away when I tried it my self. It totally thickened and lengthen my eye lashes. I was very excited about it. So here it is. As a fashion consultant here at Wardrobe Takeover, I am excited to offer this product to you.

I will be happy to assist you with any questions, and feel free to ask me How You Can Get Free Product + 50% off Products By Youniqe.

Have fun time shopping. If you like what you see, LIKE and SHARE with your fashionista friends, and thank you for stopping by. Truly appreciate it!

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