Running from point A to point B seems like an easy thing to do but when your list of duties take up 10 hours of your life can make for a hectic and tiring day. Especially when it comes to your wardrobe.


As a once intern for an amazing young adults ministry,  college student, barista,  baby sister,  and everything else in between, days get longer but time seems to run out when you look at the clock. At least for me it was. I have learned ALOT when it came to changing from one outfit to another on busier days than the norm. You know, the changing in the car ordeal or running into the nearest gas station with a huge purse (hoping the workers don’t think your stealing and crazy) holding layers upon layers of clothing that you can’t seem to get on in the car (maybe cause it’s super cold outside). I’ve become an expert “bring extra” lady almost EVERYWHERE that I go. I’ve become such an expert to where people already know I have extra food,  pads,  lotion,  underwear, clothes, what ever- if not in my purse then it’s definitely in the back of my car.

Life is too short to worry about what to wear. So because I do have such a busy schedule – STILL,  I make sure to bring extra layers of clothing to add to my attire or just a complete new and simple wardrobe for the next occasion or if I’m lucky my whole outfit I had on from 6 am to midnight fits perfectly to all events that day (Yes I do have 18 hour busy days! You probably have them too and you don’t even know it).


Plan out your day. Yes, for what you’re going to wear! See maybe your day starts off with work, then personal errands, then coffee date with a friend. Wear something that is comfortable yet fitting for your workplace so that when you run errands you’re not over the top dressy and/or sweating through your clothes.  No time to get home to change? No worries! Just pack a simple top to change up your wardrobe or just bring a cardigan with extra jewelry to add to your outfit! Those are just some examples!  No one has to know but you. Time is precious and running late on your girlfriends or boyfriend all the time because you have to change is not very nice yall and can be kinda irritating!  Haha!


You’re probably thinking- man this blogger is a tyrant!  Naw, I’m just trying to help make your super hectic busy days as simple as possible when it comes to choosing your clothes! If you do love the adrenaline rush of rushing home to change completely then run out the house and speed on down the freeway, then by all means do it! If you’re looking for an easy way out then take some notes.



My outfit on the left is my running errands, picking kids up from school, coming home to cook then run more errands look. No time to run home to change so in my car I had an extra cardigan, super cute heels, and my red lips for some meetings and a coffee date with a friend to swap into after all my running around – as you can see in the right picture! Not too shabby! Haha!

Jean Jacket- Gift
Grey Hoodie- $5 Plato’s Closet
Black Beanie: $4 Walmart
Vintage (Real Leather) Ankle Boots: $2 Quality Thrift Store
Grey Cardigan: Gift
Striped Tank Top (in both pics): $5 Burlington
Olive Army Styled Pants(in both pics): $1.98 Old Navy
Ankle Strap Heels: $20 Nine West

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