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Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 1.18.42 AMTo all the ladies who love sales. Have you had the chance to buy your favorite swimwear yet? Now you might have the chance to find the perfect one. By now all swimwear should be marked down, or it’s right around the corner. Maybe this is something you just cant wait for, or for others not. No worries, there is something for everyone. You just need to figure out a way to accentuate your attributes and camouflage whatever you don’t want exposed. Hiding flaws is obviously more of a challenge in a bathing suit, but it can be done. Here some tips on how to do it.

one piece or two? The first decision is whether you want to wear one-piece or two-piece suite. What you choose depends on what you are comfortable in and what body part you want to show off or hide. Get a one-piece suite if your belly is an area that you don’t feel comfortable revealing. Many one-piece suits come with tummy control, and ruching. Great trick to camouflage. If you like your back, go for one with cut-out in the back.

Go for two-piece bikini you have a great waist and want to accentuate it. If you still want to cover your tummy, try a tankini. It is a two-piece that looks more like a pair of underwear/camisole. Gives you the coverage you want without having to wear one-piece suite.

Small-busted: The bandeau top or triangle will look great on you. Also, a cute suite with ruffles on top helps accentuate the chest area. These type of tops are available in either a one-piece or two-piece style, so you can choose which look you prefer.

Large-busted: If you are larger on top, and you want to wear a two-piece suite, try ones that have more supportive straps. The bra style, and halter top suite is a good choice for you. These both flatter and support you in the chest area. If you want to go for a one-piece suite, look for one with straps that provide the support you’re looking for.

Bottom-heavy: Play up your top to even out the the proportions. Choose either a one-piece or a two-piece with a top half that attracts all the attention. This season you can mix and match colors and patterns on your swimsuit. Choose patterns or light colors on the top, and darker colors on the bottom, that flatters and still match. Or try color block on one-pieces. lighter color on the top, and darker on the bottom.

Short legs: Choose a suite that’s cut hight at the hip to make your legs look longer. A plunging neckline also creates a more vertical look. Vertical stripes gives an illusion of longer body and legs too.

Long torso: Go for horizontal stripes. Two-piece suite breaks up your mid section. If you wear a one-piece suite, try one with cutouts. And don’t be afraid of adding splashes of colors to keep eyes from looking at you straight up-and-down.

Plus size: Dark colors are best. a good tips can be a streamline one-piece in a dark color. It makes you look longer and leaner. Try an interesting neckline, maybe one that is more deeper than rounder, as it creates and illusion of length.

I hope the tips and ideas could help you through the jungle of swimsuit. If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer anytime.

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