Honesty Is The Best Policy

You may or may not have heard that saying before. I believe it definitely applies to how we see ourselves in regards to our weight and eating behaviors. Like me, you may have made grandiose goals in attempt to achieve the body you desire (or the body the media leads you to believe you should have). You may have experienced negative emotions swirling such as shame and guilt, comparison to others and quite possibly a binge on anything and everything in attempt to reverse these feelings; all culminating to this grandiose idea of “I’m going to do it this time. I am really going to lose weight.” You begin to tell yourself this time will be different. This time I will have discipline. This time I will have control. This time.

You begin to “eat good” or you may keep an eating diary. You may have even fit in an hour worth of cardio the last 3 days in a row. You have snapshots of “sexy” bodies that you found on pinterest as you try to gain motivation. Weight loss has been at the forefront of your mind and you feel in control. Until…

Within a few days you find yourself deprived, confused and on the verge of another binge. You may have asked yourself “Why can’t I just have control over this? Why do I struggle with this?” Another binge is bound to occur as you feel like that pie on the counter top is screaming your name. You may not feel hungry but you’re cravings feel insatiable. You begin to binge again with justifying thoughts of “after this I am getting back on track. I will start my diet tomorrow.”

This is a vicious circle that causes confusion, shame, guilt and frustration. It is something many women (and men) struggle with. However, I have great news. You can overcome this! Through God’s grace, healing and good resources I have experienced healing and wholeness in this area of my life. Let’s take a journey together to begin this healing. First and foremost let’s be honest with ourselves. Being honest with ourselves will create healthy goals that are sustainable and will produce real results. Here are a few do’s and don’ts in which you can do this.

Do: create normal eating patterns that work with your lifestyle and schedule. i.e. 3 meals/day or 6 small meals/day. Whatever works best for you.

Do: begin to love your body now. No matter what your weight, God has hand crafted you with individuality and beauty.

Do: include healthier foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grain products

Don’t: restrict calories or deny yourself your favorite food. A fellow dietitian once told me “If you have half it, you can have it.” Restriction only leads to binge eating because physically and psychologically you are not receiving enough food to satisfy your bodies needs

Do: remember that you are only 1 meal away from making a better choice.

Don’t: go on a binge just because you feel like you have ruined the day by eating that doughnut at 3 pm.

Don’t: Stare at yourself in the mirror and say all the things you hate about your body. And don’t participate in the “I hate this” or “I want to change this” conversation when it isn’t constructive.

Genesis 1:27 states that we are “created in God’s image.” God doesn’t create ugly worthless things. He creates beauty that serves purpose. Begin to meditate on that scripture in order to renew your mind. Make it the wallpaper on your phone or write it on a notecard. I have even written that scripture on my mirror with an old lipstick (it’s kind of messy to clean though).

These are just a few tips… There is SO much more I would like to say but I will end it here. More to come! I would love to hear your feedback.


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