Granny Dress Gone Hipster


Fall has to be one of my favorite seasons to get extra creative especially with my wardrobe.  Found this sweater dress at the Thrift Store in Tulsa, OK.  Got a great deal on this vintage piece for only $3. This dress doesn’t really look like a sweater dress but what makes it a sweater dress is how the designer made the wrists, neckline, and hemline out of sweater material. As you can see in the picture, I will be making some adjustments for a more modern look.

Since the dress stops just above the ankle – super awkward (lol)-I went ahead and took ALOT of inches off making a more v-shaped hemline at the front and back instead of your normal straight hemline (just to make it fun and different). I love the padding at the shoulders and length of the arms so I kept it!

Take a look at my fall granny dress gone hipster outfit:


I added a plum – burgundy colored scarf and tights to give this outfit a pop and fall feel. I always find every way to wear dresses in this cold season, always. Haha.

Floral Printed Sweater Dress: $3 Thrift Shop
Wool Scarf: $2 Goodwill
Tights: $4 Walmart
High Booties: $6 Target

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