We all come from different walks of life. We all are formed differently yet so uniquely amazing. Not only do we have a specific purpose in this life but WE also have SPECIFIC features/looks that others may not have which ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! This maybe a hard thought to take in but it’s time we believe in it, wear it, and walk in it.

I’ve had several conversations with girls regarding their looks and a majority of these beauties would change their outward appearance. The same girls in that majority based their appearance on how much they don’t measure up to other women, how much they don’t have or wish they can have. Basically spinning the comparison wheel. Its time we stop focusing on what we don’t have and embrace our lovely features created by God Himself.

There is a reason why you are sculptured the way that you are. If we all looked alike or had the same body type then this world would be boring and purposeless. The entertainment industry is broadcasting the way we should look by dominating commercials, movies, shows, and fashion lines so that we can follow along with what they think is right for us when in reality it is all false. There is not a specific category for beauty.  That goes for size, ethnicity, how you were raised,  what kind of clothing you wear,  etc.  It’s not only a way for them to make alot of money in this business but an even greater way for us to let the enemy run our minds on how we should look.


I’ve struggled with insecurity for a long time.  There was a time when I didn’t even know I struggled with it, I was just prideful. I finally came to a point in my life, a couple years ago, where I truly love what I see in the mirror- when I felt free and comfortable in my own skin. Now things happened in those couple years where I gained some weight. I didn’t like that so I had to change my mind set, my eating habits and work out more. Not because I hated myself but because I want to remain healthy for the rest or my life. Though I wasn’t insecure about how I looked I still wanted to flaunt in my old clothes so gaining more weight was not an option (cause money was tight to buy new clothes lol).

Sometimes we get into this mindset of needing to get skinny because we want to be more beautiful when we already are. It all comes down to how you take care of yourself. If you decide to eat a tub of ice cream then run over to get some Mickey D’s later then it will be harder for you to lose weight or like what you see in the mirror. Lets say you’re super fit. If you’re constantly checking yourself out in the mirror after EVERY hard workout then always finding fault on your body EVERY TIME then you will never love yourself- you will ALWAYS find something wrong cause you will never be good enough or look good enough I should say. STOP IT! There’s nothing wrong with working out alot but if we live life this way then we will lose our identity. How can we see beauty if we don’t believe we are beautiful? I’m not saying to be conceited for the rest of your life but if God created us in His image with such thought, detail, care, and LOVE then we should love who we are. I mean, it’s in our DNA.

Beauty starts from within and naturally works its way out. I understand how hard it is to truly accept and love what we see in the mirror. When we make God the center of our looks, shopping, eating habits, etc. (by prayer and reading your bible) then we can make better choices for our lives and become more like Him. Believe that beauty is already in you then it’ll shine on its own! If God and the right people can help me then I believe it can and will happen for you! It’s time to take your life back from the world’s system and place it into the hands of God. Watch your look-your life-your everything transform for the better.

P.S. Darling, don’t you ever forget…you’re beautiful.

Love always,

Charity xoxo



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