Color Combo

Color Combination

Don’t put your fall colored clothes away just yet! Ok, maybe your knee-high boots and oversized sweaters but everything else keep in your closet! The fall color trend for 2013 was olive and maroon, remember that guys? Why not mix that with this year’s spring pastels! Why not break the fashion code and try it out! I did! Haha! Olive with bright yellows and soft orange pastels are a great combo along with maroon and bright pink and light blue pastels. Be creative-take out your bolds and add some lights! I challenge you to mix and match your wardrobe, you’d be amazed at the amount of outfits you’ll create by trying something new!


These are my all time fave olive pants. I matched it with a soft light coral 3/4 sleeve cardigan and my light denim blazer that’s ready for some spring action! Its a bit chilly in the Okie state which is why I have on a scarf. Be blessed all!


Denim blazer:$4 from Quality Thrift
Coral Cardigan:$5 from Old Navy
Olive Pants:$1.98 from Old Navy
Genuine leather oxfords:$2 from Quality Thrift
Scarf: Birthday Gift

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