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Here the other day I had a Coffee date with a special friend of mine, Charity Velazquez. To me she is a true inspiration. Every time I meet her she smiles, is encouraging, funny and stay busy. Lately, I have found her posting pictures on FB, encouraging other girl how to find good deals, and how to dress her size and shape. She is beautiful, and an inspiration. I asked her to share a little bit of her story. Hope you will be encourage, and inspired.

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I always loved fashion. I used to cut up my clothes and try to sew different pieces together at the age of 8-15, then drew my own fashion line. I lived in different locations throughout the years and always had people tell me that I had a creative sense of style. I stopped making anything that had to do with fashion at 18. I was going through depression, the enemy bringing up my past, and insecurities about my image. I can honestly say I didn’t know who I was then. I was very confused. I made up a lot of the “fashion ideas” to try and get people to like me, to hide all the insecurities that were building up inside since childhood. So basically, I was using the talent given to me for wrong reasons. I later realized I stopped making anything that had to do with fashion when people didn’t like my ideas. I thought I was a failure. There was also a time where I tried to audition as a model to represent my style for a well known model agency. They didn’t pick me because of my size-oh yeah-it brought me down so much to where I thought I was ugly, fat, and of no use in this world-that my ideas will never be good enough.

Well look at me now! I later gave my life to Christ and found my true identity IS in Him.  It took a little bit of time for me to wrap around the thought that He made me in His image and created me far more precious than rubies. The more time I spent with God by reading His word and praying, the more confident I grew in myself, His love, and His word. I am confident because of Christ in me!  People, this world’s system, AND clothes don’t define who I am. The love of God does. Because I had the real revelation of His love for me-I was able to love myself and others and be confident in anything I wear!

I am very happy now! I love fashion and I’m starting to design again. For now, I am giving some fashion tips to women on finding super cute, trendy,  modest yet fashionable clothes for an extra affordable price and telling them that they are beautiful in it! My goal is to remind ladies that the price tag is not what makes a fashionista but the price Jesus paid for us and how we can glorify Him in our styles!



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