This year’s hottest colors and prints would have to be black, white, geometric shapes, floral prints, and animal prints!  Black and white may seem like a bland blend and too basic BUT sometimes basic can go a long way…especially when you add some cool prints and your own personal style.

When it comes to a group outing, choir trip, or church attire everyone seems to run to the traditional black and white attire.  One, cause it’s classy.  Two, cause you can turn a casual outfit into a formal outfit.  Lastly, CAUSE IT’S EASY!  Yet, I hear the same comment about the traditional white shirt and black slacks from people, “It’s nice and all BUT it’s BORING!”  I know how you feel.  Maybe this blog can help you!   I told some pretty awesome gals that we will have a photo shoot BUT only if they can accept my challenge—> YOU GOT TO WEAR BLACK AND WHITE! And yes the screams came in.  Of course my mom was excited about it cause I guess it’s an old school thing-lol- but for the youngsters NOT SO COOL.

Here’s the thing.  Black and white DOES NOT have to be boring…it can be unless you add flare, some pop of color, and stepping out of your comfort zone with some patterns!  When you add just a dab of color and a certain pattern to a black and white attire, you’re bringing the outfit to life and attracting eyes to the attire.   Pick a favorite bright color of yours and some kind of print (animal, geometric, stripes, etc.) and I promise your outfit will look amazing! Just a bit of color will take the outfit to a whole notha level. Once I told my girls about patterns and colors their minds were racing with excitement!  With just a little of my help here’s what we put together:


Love how Njerin worked her burnt-orange solid wedge and tan belt at the waist to add color to her black and white ensemble.  Kedabra made her splattered black and white leggings a classy one with a flowy button up top and basic pointed flats-very basic but still fun and classy!




Now these little darlings know how to look cute!  Can you say great pattern mixing for little Destiny? She knows how to rock her polka dots and stripes!  Cutie Key loves her floral printed peplum dress!  The hot pink brings a pop to the outfit and that fedora brings a whole lot of flavor!  Love it!



Stunning!  And I’m not saying that just because she’s my mother but just look how well fitted and how classy this outfit is!  I hear a lot of plus size ladies not wanting to buy printed patterns and/or white pants because of their size!  Take a step of faith and try it girl!  For starters, buy a top with small prints and that is pretty loose to be on the safe side.  When you buy a top with wide print or larger print that is tight/fitted can make you look a bit bigger than your actual size. Try a looser fit with small print for a more smoother and slimmer look.  Love how she took her casual-slightly flared white jeans with this beautiful animal printed top.  The black sequins at the neckline gives this outfit a more dressy look for date night.  How about these gorgeous braided wedges! She made this fancy dinner look a bit more summery for a day time outing with the girls (me, lol).  Too cute!


You might remember this outfit from my last blog post!  This would have to be one of my favorite summer looks!  Sporting a light summer tee from Old Navy tucked into classic printed trousers.  Added a fedora just because and some vintage black and white flats to add a more “modern day vintage” look along with my $4 thrifted satchel on this beautiful summer day with my girls! Such a fun photo shoot!  Thanks Ashley Maggard! :)


Whatever age, whatever size, whatever style you have….you are beautiful! Don’t forget that!  Let that soak in and explode onto your wardrobe!  You are the best version of you so show it off!  Work with what you got in your closet and make it your own-have fun with it!  It’s not about impressing others but being able to look in the mirror and say, “I look amazing, I am beautiful.”



Photography by: Ashley Maggard


Kedabra: White Button Up: $4 Charlotte Russe, Patterned Leggings: $10 JC Pennys, Pointed Black Flats:$10 Charlotte Russe

Njerin: Patterned Black and White Dress: $5 Rue 21, Side Leather Jeggings: $12 Cotton On, Burnt-Orange High Wedge: $8 Half Of Half

Destiny: Black and White Polka Dotted/Striped Dress: $5 Citi Trends, Flats: gifted

Key: Floral Printed Peplum Dress with attached  necklace: $8 Citi Trends, White Leggings: $4 Walmart, Pink Sandals: $8 Citi Trends, Fedora: gifted

Mom: Top: $7 Ross, White Jeans: $10 Ross,  Braided Wedges: $12 Ross

Jusin: White Peplum Top: gift from a friend, Black Belt: $2 Ross, Grey/White/Black Jeggings: $5 Walmart, Metallic Flats with Exaggerated Flower:$3 Old Navy

Myself: White Graphic Tee: $4 Old Navy, Patterned Trousers: $20 Old Navy, Black&White Vintage Flats:$2 Quality Thrift Store, Black Satchel: $4 Quality Thrift Store, Bubble Necklace: $4 Payless, Fedora: gift from Target ($15)

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