Basic Items to Build Your Wardrobe

The following basic items are the building blocks for every wardrobe. Incorporate them with other pieces to express your personality and style. When you shop for these items, consider your body type and fit when choosing the cut, length, and style that works for you.

Tips: buy those items in high quality. Remember, building a stylish wardrobe is a gradual process. Look out for sale, but keep in mind that some of these items don’t go on sale very often because they’re always in demand.

Following items: Little Black Dress, Black blazer, Crisp white button-down shirt, Black trousers, Knee-length black skirt, Classic beige trench coat, Black leather bag, Dark denim jeans, Pair of black pumps, white cardigan sweater (to layer), Black cardigan sweater (to layer, set of pearls, Diamond studs (can be cubic if need be – just keep them small)

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