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All About Details

I’m one that loves to tell a story that’s very detailed along with listening to stories from other people with all the details as well. Some say it’s a girl thing and others say…she talks too much, thinks too much, and my absolute fave…she’s got a very exaggerated mind! Haha. I’m not going to deny, I love a little drama and excitement in my stories but I still make sure that the truth is told. I’d like to say I have a creative spirit that comes out in conversations with people and of course…what I wear.

My outfit below is inspired by Victorian art back in the 1700s.  I just love the details in their architecture and paintings which reminds me of this lovely cardigan and shoes I am wearing. As you can see the patterns in the shoes and cardigan does not match but the colors and texture of materials do. So it is okay to combine the two in an outfit. This is called pattern mixing which is a popular style of taste. If you want to try something new in your wardrobe try pattern mixing. Pay close attention to the details to see if it works out and blends together. You may start a heck of a trend with your creativity!


Floral Cardigan: $1 Quality Thrift Store
Metallic Gold Blouse: $0.50 The Thrift
Light Wash Jeans: $8 Old Navy
Vintage Flats: $2 Thrift Shop
Fringe Purse: $5 Goodwill (Hawaii)


Running from point A to point B seems like an easy thing to do but when your list of duties take up 10 hours of your life can make for a hectic and tiring day. Especially when it comes to your wardrobe.


As a once intern for an amazing young adults ministry,  college student, barista,  baby sister,  and everything else in between, days get longer but time seems to run out when you look at the clock. At least for me it was. I have learned ALOT when it came to changing from one outfit to another on busier days than the norm. You know, the changing in the car ordeal or running into the nearest gas station with a huge purse (hoping the workers don’t think your stealing and crazy) holding layers upon layers of clothing that you can’t seem to get on in the car (maybe cause it’s super cold outside). I’ve become an expert “bring extra” lady almost EVERYWHERE that I go. I’ve become such an expert to where people already know I have extra food,  pads,  lotion,  underwear, clothes, what ever- if not in my purse then it’s definitely in the back of my car.

Life is too short to worry about what to wear. So because I do have such a busy schedule – STILL,  I make sure to bring extra layers of clothing to add to my attire or just a complete new and simple wardrobe for the next occasion or if I’m lucky my whole outfit I had on from 6 am to midnight fits perfectly to all events that day (Yes I do have 18 hour busy days! You probably have them too and you don’t even know it).


Plan out your day. Yes, for what you’re going to wear! See maybe your day starts off with work, then personal errands, then coffee date with a friend. Wear something that is comfortable yet fitting for your workplace so that when you run errands you’re not over the top dressy and/or sweating through your clothes.  No time to get home to change? No worries! Just pack a simple top to change up your wardrobe or just bring a cardigan with extra jewelry to add to your outfit! Those are just some examples!  No one has to know but you. Time is precious and running late on your girlfriends or boyfriend all the time because you have to change is not very nice yall and can be kinda irritating!  Haha!


You’re probably thinking- man this blogger is a tyrant!  Naw, I’m just trying to help make your super hectic busy days as simple as possible when it comes to choosing your clothes! If you do love the adrenaline rush of rushing home to change completely then run out the house and speed on down the freeway, then by all means do it! If you’re looking for an easy way out then take some notes.



My outfit on the left is my running errands, picking kids up from school, coming home to cook then run more errands look. No time to run home to change so in my car I had an extra cardigan, super cute heels, and my red lips for some meetings and a coffee date with a friend to swap into after all my running around – as you can see in the right picture! Not too shabby! Haha!

Jean Jacket- Gift
Grey Hoodie- $5 Plato’s Closet
Black Beanie: $4 Walmart
Vintage (Real Leather) Ankle Boots: $2 Quality Thrift Store
Grey Cardigan: Gift
Striped Tank Top (in both pics): $5 Burlington
Olive Army Styled Pants(in both pics): $1.98 Old Navy
Ankle Strap Heels: $20 Nine West

2 Fall/Spring Jackets Under $20


I used to think that only rich folks can have the super nice jackets that’ll last them for years. Not like the jackets that are made out of cheap material and just from wearing it twice the gold or silver tarnishes away and it’s still way over your budget? I think to myself, “Self, how in the world you done rub the gold off your jacket?  Surely you don’t wear it inside out? Now I see why it was only $15.99” Lol. Story of my life.

I had a goal for this season and for this coming spring to not spend a whole lot of money on clothes. I desired to have some jackets stored away just for fun and cause all my other jackets were “rubbing off” haha. And what do you know, it costs money! So I prayed to God for quality jackets that’ll last a long time along with special deals. I only wanted to spend $20, IF POSSIBLE, UNDER $20! I know crazy right?! 


So my prayers were answered and I was able to get this beautiful coral jacket about 3 months ago for only $8 (tag still on it-never been worn) from Salvation Army. Did I mention it’s by Dana Buchman? She’s a well known fashion designer for upscale wear. You migh’tve seen her line at JCPennys and/or Kohl’s. The red polka dotted bomber jacket is from Quality Thrift Store for only $6-slightly used-still in the best condition designed by a well known athletic designer back in the 80s.

These jackets are great for the chilly spring nights and daily duties for fall! I am so excited to style them and have them for a good while since they are both made out of quality material! Make sure to tuned for my blog post featuring that super cute polka dotted jacket!

Be blessed!


Granny Dress Gone Hipster


Fall has to be one of my favorite seasons to get extra creative especially with my wardrobe.  Found this sweater dress at the Thrift Store in Tulsa, OK.  Got a great deal on this vintage piece for only $3. This dress doesn’t really look like a sweater dress but what makes it a sweater dress is how the designer made the wrists, neckline, and hemline out of sweater material. As you can see in the picture, I will be making some adjustments for a more modern look.

Since the dress stops just above the ankle – super awkward (lol)-I went ahead and took ALOT of inches off making a more v-shaped hemline at the front and back instead of your normal straight hemline (just to make it fun and different). I love the padding at the shoulders and length of the arms so I kept it!

Take a look at my fall granny dress gone hipster outfit:


I added a plum – burgundy colored scarf and tights to give this outfit a pop and fall feel. I always find every way to wear dresses in this cold season, always. Haha.

Floral Printed Sweater Dress: $3 Thrift Shop
Wool Scarf: $2 Goodwill
Tights: $4 Walmart
High Booties: $6 Target


We all come from different walks of life. We all are formed differently yet so uniquely amazing. Not only do we have a specific purpose in this life but WE also have SPECIFIC features/looks that others may not have which ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! This maybe a hard thought to take in but it’s time we believe in it, wear it, and walk in it.

I’ve had several conversations with girls regarding their looks and a majority of these beauties would change their outward appearance. The same girls in that majority based their appearance on how much they don’t measure up to other women, how much they don’t have or wish they can have. Basically spinning the comparison wheel. Its time we stop focusing on what we don’t have and embrace our lovely features created by God Himself.

There is a reason why you are sculptured the way that you are. If we all looked alike or had the same body type then this world would be boring and purposeless. The entertainment industry is broadcasting the way we should look by dominating commercials, movies, shows, and fashion lines so that we can follow along with what they think is right for us when in reality it is all false. There is not a specific category for beauty.  That goes for size, ethnicity, how you were raised,  what kind of clothing you wear,  etc.  It’s not only a way for them to make alot of money in this business but an even greater way for us to let the enemy run our minds on how we should look.


I’ve struggled with insecurity for a long time.  There was a time when I didn’t even know I struggled with it, I was just prideful. I finally came to a point in my life, a couple years ago, where I truly love what I see in the mirror- when I felt free and comfortable in my own skin. Now things happened in those couple years where I gained some weight. I didn’t like that so I had to change my mind set, my eating habits and work out more. Not because I hated myself but because I want to remain healthy for the rest or my life. Though I wasn’t insecure about how I looked I still wanted to flaunt in my old clothes so gaining more weight was not an option (cause money was tight to buy new clothes lol).

Sometimes we get into this mindset of needing to get skinny because we want to be more beautiful when we already are. It all comes down to how you take care of yourself. If you decide to eat a tub of ice cream then run over to get some Mickey D’s later then it will be harder for you to lose weight or like what you see in the mirror. Lets say you’re super fit. If you’re constantly checking yourself out in the mirror after EVERY hard workout then always finding fault on your body EVERY TIME then you will never love yourself- you will ALWAYS find something wrong cause you will never be good enough or look good enough I should say. STOP IT! There’s nothing wrong with working out alot but if we live life this way then we will lose our identity. How can we see beauty if we don’t believe we are beautiful? I’m not saying to be conceited for the rest of your life but if God created us in His image with such thought, detail, care, and LOVE then we should love who we are. I mean, it’s in our DNA.

Beauty starts from within and naturally works its way out. I understand how hard it is to truly accept and love what we see in the mirror. When we make God the center of our looks, shopping, eating habits, etc. (by prayer and reading your bible) then we can make better choices for our lives and become more like Him. Believe that beauty is already in you then it’ll shine on its own! If God and the right people can help me then I believe it can and will happen for you! It’s time to take your life back from the world’s system and place it into the hands of God. Watch your look-your life-your everything transform for the better.

P.S. Darling, don’t you ever forget…you’re beautiful.

Love always,

Charity xoxo



Vintage Top: $7 JC Pennys
Tribal Skirt Wrap:$1 Thrift Shop
Double Strap High Heel Wedge:$7 Good Will
African Beaded Necklace:$7 Target
Fedora: Gift from Target: $15

OOTD: Tribal Boho Chic

This is one of my favorite looks for all seasons: Bohemian.  The patterns fits well for fall and winter with the tribal prints on long cardigans.  Fringe, maxi dresses/skirts, high wedges, and lots of jewelry are also great fit for the bohemian spring and summer look.  I decided to make this more of a classy look since I’m going to the office, then off to Word Explosion at Victory Christian Center, then top the night off with a little bit of salsa dancing at Zanmai.  These wedges have great comfort support in the sole and great height for all day busy craziness especially salsa dancing.  Might I add an excellent pop of orange to the wardrobe?!  Guess what’s another fave-fave new to the closet?  My $1 90’s Skirt Wrap!  Yes, $1 and yes it’s from the 90’s! Haha!  Don’t be afraid to venture out and try something new cause it can add flare and flavor to your wardrobe.  I am in love with this ensemble!



  • Black Top: $7 JC Penny’s
  • Skirt Wrap: $1 The Thrift Store
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Wedge Heel: $6 Goodwill
  • Satchel/Purse: $5 Quality Thrift Store
  • Authentic Turtle Shell Bracelet: Gift from Chuuk
  • Tribal Necklace and Fedora: Gift from Target

How I Wore My Jumpsuit

Real women wear jumpsuits.  I know you’re probably laughing and thinking the opposite and I can understand that.  Jumpsuits can either be flattering or make you feel like you’re going on a major work out, or feel like an alien, or imagine sardines that are packed so tightly that they can’t breathe…that’s how you feel when you wear a jumpsuit.  I had the exact thoughts and fears but I just had to try this out.  I saw a very petite, slender lady wearing a jumpsuit one day and I just loved how she looked in it.  I thought to myself, surely wearing a jumpsuit can not look or feel that bad?  Especially when I haven’t tried one on since Jennifer Lopez’s jean jumper days (think about her “love don’t cost a thing” video lol)?  Who says that it has to be for the thin and tall women?  If this very short and slender lady can rock one…why not a fully figured lady like me?


Friday night Wedding then to a Bachata Fundraiser where I danced ALL night!

Without trying, without thinking about a jumpsuit, I was just “window shopping” at Ross one day and found this spectacular jumpsuit!  I looked at the size and it read MEDIUM.  I tried looking for a size or two larger but couldn’t find one.  I looked at the material and how the suit was made and looked like, felt like  it would fit.  The way this jumper was made was to be loose from bust all the way down but still showing the waistband to make it look like someone is wearing a top tucked into the pants.  I tried it on and it was form fitting everywhere, haha, except the legs.  This is great for my body type since I am a fuller hour-glass shape.  Plus, jumpsuits are just so sexy…as long as you purchase the right style and fit for your body type…then you are good! 😉


Shoes and accessories I wore with my Jumpsuit.


  • Fuller Figure, Hour-glass, Pear-Shaped: look for a suit that is more form fitting (NOT SKIN TIGHT) with wide leg/straight leg to balance your curves.  For a better fit look for a more stretchy suit. My suit was very stretchy and form fitting but loose at the legs which complimented my shape NOT over the top tight but just right in the right places appropriate for a wedding, party, or a girls night out.
  • Straight Figure, Athletic, Tall, Slender Shaped: look for a suit that is more loose with or without a waistband to give your body more of a shape.  If there isn’t a waist band it’s ok!  Add a belt!  If you don’t have a belt or waistband it’s still OK!  Keeping it loose will still flatter your figure by giving it an elegant-classic look.



  • Printed Pattern Jumpsuit-: $14 Ross
  • Gold Bubble Statement Necklace: $10 Payless
  • Gold Bold Bracelet: $8 Target
  • Ankle Strapped Block Heel: $20 Guess
  • Gold Wallet: Gift




Today’s Outfit Inspiration

I am feeling a bit under the weather today so I wanted to wear something that was still great for the office and comfortable on this summer’s day- without trying so hard.  I chose a summery tank top that goes great casual and dressed up.  This tank top gives off a great vintage vibe with the stripes and the pleated harem pants fits well with today’s style.


I chose my gold metallic sandals and gold earrings to give this outfit a pop of color.   Today’s outfit was inspired by the beautiful and fashionably stylish actress, Zoe Saldana.  Every where she goes she’s always looking chic yet super simple and classy.  This is only one of many outfits I adore from her.  Thanks, Zoe.


Black and White Striped Tank- $5 Burlington Coat Factory

Black Pleated Harem Pants- $8 Ross

Gold Metallic Sandals- $3 Ross

Vintage Black Satchel- $5 Quality Thrift Store

Shades- $5 Rue21

Casual Office Chic

Today is the day where non-stop action sets in.  Work, errands, meetings, kids practice, and more errands.  So when this day comes around I try to dress well for the office but add some street style into it so that when I leave work I don’t necessarily feel like I just came from the office.   I want to feel comfortable, classy, cute, stylish and ready to go.  So here are some key items for a classy, comfy, on the go look which I like to call my: “Casual Office Chic”.

1.  Go Bottom Casual or Top Casual

This may sound confusing so let me explain.  You don’t want to go to your office setting  fully decked out in casual attire.  I tried this one time and it was not so good.  Not only did my boss have a conversation with me but I felt so lazy and not so focused on my work cause I just wanted to rest easy.  I’ll admit, there are some outfits out there that are head to toe casual that can pass for a business look BUT it will not make you feel like a business person.  What you wear and how you wear it  motivates you and/or make you feel a certain way.  Think about it…if you wear athletic attire you are motivated to play a sport or exercise and you feel tough and ready to train, right?  If you do want to be somewhat comfortable but still dress the part then I would go bottom or top casual.  Pick a top or bottom that can pass for the office and pair it with a blazer or high waisted skirt  some fancy jewelry and you’re set!  I chose top casual cause I felt this high waisted skirt would look great for the office and help bring the colors out more in the shirt.

2. Comfortable Shoes Goes Along Way

When your day starts at 7am and ends between 10pm-midnight your feet will be thankful for comfy shoes.  My days aren’t normally over 12 hours long but when those days come I am prepared.  I love my tan pumps I purchased some months back from Payless.  They have a really great line called Comfort Plus by Predictions.  These shoes are what every girl should have in their closet!  It’s great for the young lady’s first time to walk in heels.  This shoe line has different heel size, colors, and styles! They go well with casual attire, business attire, date night wear, and formal wear and guess what…THEY ARE SUPER DUPER COMFORTABLE!  I can leave them on my feet over 12 hours and my feet still feel alive and not bruised or blistered!  I wear them to the office, salsa dancing or just taking a walk through downtown.

**If you are not a fan of heels then flats will help you out a lot.  Great for the office and outside of it.  Just a tip on some flats: make sure they are a little loose around your toe area or get a 1/2 size bigger (if you wear 6 get 61/2) to prevent blisters at the back of your ankle and the top of your foot close to your big toe (I’ve learned from experience…lol).**


And Remember…

The casual office chic is a great look in the office and out of the office (especially with your busy schedule) OR IF YOU DON’T work in an office!  Still look chic and stylish wherever you go but be comfortable doing it as well!  Remember girl, you’re awesome, you’re beautiful, and life is great so live it in your wardrobe and wherever you go! :)


Love always,




Open Shoulder Top: $6 Windsor

High Waist Business Skirt: $1 Quality Thrift Store

Vintage Black Satchel: $5 Quality Thrift Store

Tan/Nude Pumps (Heels): $20 Payless

Tan/Nude Belt: Gift from a friend





My Sunday Best

Sundays are my favorite days to style cause I love dressing up for Jesus!  May seem cheesy but I dress up for Him and myself, no one else.  Don’t just dress to impress people-dress up cause life is awesome and you are uniquely, wonderfully, fearfully made-so let it shine!

This bright blazer takes this casual cotton dress to another level of class.  The geometric design of the dress makes it fun and the length of the dress compliments the style of blazer and let me just say the color combination is great.  Adding a pop of color to a black and white ensemble will give your outfit a fresh and fun new look than your regular black and white attire.


Bright Green Blazer: $10 Quality Thrift Store
Black and White Geometric Cotton Dress: $9 Ross
Pointed Ankle Strap Heels: $25 Nine West