All About Details

I’m one that loves to tell a story that’s very detailed along with listening to stories from other people with all the details as well. Some say it’s a girl thing and others say…she talks too much, thinks too much, and my absolute fave…she’s got a very exaggerated mind! Haha. I’m not going to deny, I love a little drama and excitement in my stories but I still make sure that the truth is told. I’d like to say I have a creative spirit that comes out in conversations with people and of course…what I wear.

My outfit below is inspired by Victorian art back in the 1700s.  I just love the details in their architecture and paintings which reminds me of this lovely cardigan and shoes I am wearing. As you can see the patterns in the shoes and cardigan does not match but the colors and texture of materials do. So it is okay to combine the two in an outfit. This is called pattern mixing which is a popular style of taste. If you want to try something new in your wardrobe try pattern mixing. Pay close attention to the details to see if it works out and blends together. You may start a heck of a trend with your creativity!


Floral Cardigan: $1 Quality Thrift Store
Metallic Gold Blouse: $0.50 The Thrift
Light Wash Jeans: $8 Old Navy
Vintage Flats: $2 Thrift Shop
Fringe Purse: $5 Goodwill (Hawaii)

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