Add To Your Button Up…

Working in an office can be frustrating at times. Especially when you have no idea what to wear that morning or the next day. You probably buy button ups galore because it’s the “professional” thing to do and maybe have only one black business skirt and possibly 2 pairs of slacks-oh that’s right the other doesn’t count cause they are yoga pants BUT it works, for now. So you have worn out your button ups by wearing them constantly. You don’t want to spend any more money on office clothes because it can get pricey…guess what? You don’t have to! It’s ok! Wear those button ups again and again…

Be the style expert in your office by adding a simple skirt or patterned skirt with a belt to your button up! It’s all about piecing the right clothes together! Dressing up to go to the office doesn’t have to be boring!. Add some pizazz to your business casual look. Midi skirts are what’s trending now and pencil skirts are always in style for any function. Here are a couple examples of some business casual looks I take to the office!

Today I have had several compliments on my outfit in the brown. I had some ladies say that it brings life into the office and is very stylish yet still business casual. Shopping for this look or something similar doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to put together! If you have any questions on how to piece certain things for the office please make a comment or send an email to:! See below on where I got these outfits! Thanks for stopping by and Be blessed!

Photos taken by: Samuel Agbasi


Picture left:
Brown Button Up: $5 Burlington Coat Factory (Tulsa, OK)
Cheetah print Midi-Skirt: $1 Goodwill ( Tulsa, OK)
Gold Pointed Flats: $4 Quality Thrift Store (Tulsa, OK)
Soft Yellow and Gold Belt: $1 Community Thrift Store (Tulsa, OK)

Picture right:
Mint Green Button Up: $12 Talbots (Tulsa, OK)
Black Business Skirt: $2 Community Thrift Store (Tulsa, OK)
Soft Yellow and Gold Belt: $1 Community Thrift Store (Tulsa, OK)
Black Pointed Pumps with Gold Studs: $2 Thrift Shop (Tulsa, OK)
Black Fedora Hat was a gift from Target!

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