2 Fall/Spring Jackets Under $20


I used to think that only rich folks can have the super nice jackets that’ll last them for years. Not like the jackets that are made out of cheap material and just from wearing it twice the gold or silver tarnishes away and it’s still way over your budget? I think to myself, “Self, how in the world you done rub the gold off your jacket?  Surely you don’t wear it inside out? Now I see why it was only $15.99” Lol. Story of my life.

I had a goal for this season and for this coming spring to not spend a whole lot of money on clothes. I desired to have some jackets stored away just for fun and cause all my other jackets were “rubbing off” haha. And what do you know, it costs money! So I prayed to God for quality jackets that’ll last a long time along with special deals. I only wanted to spend $20, IF POSSIBLE, UNDER $20! I know crazy right?! 


So my prayers were answered and I was able to get this beautiful coral jacket about 3 months ago for only $8 (tag still on it-never been worn) from Salvation Army. Did I mention it’s by Dana Buchman? She’s a well known fashion designer for upscale wear. You migh’tve seen her line at JCPennys and/or Kohl’s. The red polka dotted bomber jacket is from Quality Thrift Store for only $6-slightly used-still in the best condition designed by a well known athletic designer back in the 80s.

These jackets are great for the chilly spring nights and daily duties for fall! I am so excited to style them and have them for a good while since they are both made out of quality material! Make sure to tuned for my blog post featuring that super cute polka dotted jacket!

Be blessed!


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