1 Shirt for 5 Days

We all know one of the fashion rules about not wearing the same outfit over and over. Along with not accessorizing the same item more than once. Well, it’s time to break that rule!

So how can one come up with several outfits with just one shirt? Better yet, how can someone wear the same shirt for five days in a row? It’s possible. I’ll tell you all the secrets! 😉

The Style Challenge

The secret is that… there is no secret! Haha! One day, I had trouble putting an outfit together so I challenged myself on what I can reuse day after day so that it’s easier for me to pick an outfit and have it ready for the next day. So I picked a favorite shirt to use 5 days in a row and style it anyway I want. This challenge was a difficult one but so worth it. You’d be surprised at how many people (the same people) complemented on the same shirt or what they thought was a dress and asked me where I bought it again! Haha. I think I’ll consider doing this type of challenge more often.

This challenge not only helped me be more organized and prepared with my outfit for the next day but also made me more creative with mixing and matching items.

Here are the outfits I wore this week with the floral t- shirt as the main item to wear each day along with the prices/where I got each item below each picture:

Day 1 Outfit Details:
Blazer: $7 from Quality Thrift Store
Skinny Jeans: $10 from Old Navy
Genuine leather oxfords: $2 from Quality Thrift Store

Day2 Outfit Details:
80’s bomber jacket: $4 from Quality Thrift Store
High Waisted Jeans: $12 from DEB
Yellow Flip Flops: $3 from Walmart


Day 3 Outfit Details:
Jean Jacket: gift from my father
High waisted midi skirt: $1 from Quality Thrift Store
Pink and Gold Sandals with short wedge: $11 from Half of Half

Day 4 Outfit Details:
Patterned midi skirt: $2 from Community Thrift Store
Gold Accent Sandals mid wedge: $12 from DSW Shoes
Short Bubble Necklace: $4 from Payless

Day 5 Outfit Details:
Sheer Gold Cardigan: $2 from Goodwill
Cropped skinny jeans: $10 from Ross
Pointed Gold Flats: $4 from Quality Thrift Store
Brown Belt: $2 from Ross by xoxo
Brown Genuine Leather Vintage Purse: $7 from Goodwill

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